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糧油食品 Desiccated Copra Dear Sir, We are looking for Desiccated Copra Low Fat. We would appreciate should you please favor us with the followings: 1. Specification of Product. 2. All modes of Packing. 3. Very best CFR-Karachi price. Looking forward to have your valuable reply on the matter. We would also appreciate to have your e-mail address for further conversation. Thanks. Co:Chemcentre Pvt Ltd Add:Main, I.I. Chundrigar Road,Nelson Chamber 4th Floor,Adjacent MCB Tower,Karachi Sindh Pakistan Tel:+92 21 2213917-9 Fax:+92 21 2637922-2412039 Email:mail**[ta]**mcentre.com.pk Website:www.chemcentre.com.pk 聯系人:Mr. Athar Sultan國家:Pakistan mail**[ta]**mcentre.com.pk

糧油食品 Energy Saving Light Bulbs Dear Sir, Do you sell Phillips Genie energy saving light bulbs (CFL's)? If yes, kindly let us know the details. ASAP. Thanks &amp; Kind Regards. Co:Elmo Gouws Add:South Africa Tel:+27822285775 Fax:+27866146607 Email:distinctdistribution**[ta]**il.com Msn:gouwselmo**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Mr. Elmo Gouws國家:South Africa distinctdistribution**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Energy Saving Light Bulbs Dear Sir, Do you sell Phillips Genie energy saving light bulbs (CFL's)? If yes, kindly let us know the details. ASAP. Thanks &amp; Kind Regards. Co:Elmo Gouws Add:South Africa Tel:+27822285775 Fax:+27866146607 Email:distinctdistribution**[ta]**il.com Msn:gouwselmo**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Mr. Elmo Gouws國家:South Africa distinctdistribution**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Cotton Socks We are looking for manufacturers for cotton, viscose and bamboo materials socks for men, women, kids and babies. Pls send us your available items with price and specification soonest possible. Co:Friendly Link 2000 (HK) Ltd Add:Unit2602, Paul Y Centre, 51 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK Tel:852-852-21724206 Fax:852-852-21724216 Email:info**[ta]**endly-link.com Website:http://www.friendly-link.com/ 聯系人:Ms. Sandy Lee國家:Hong Kong info**[ta]**endly-link.com

糧油食品 Leather Pouffes Dear Sir, We require Leather pouffes. Regards. Co:Cullam Add:5B Marylands Rd, Maida Vale W92DU Tel:+447768351285 Fax:+447768351285 Email:alicecullam**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:lice國家:United Kingdom alicecullam**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 Angle Bars Dear Sir, We want a good qunatity of following products: Angle Bars Dimensions Angle iron of 100 x 100 x 10mm in 6m lg Angle iron of 80 x 80 x 8mm in 6m lg Angle iron of 70 x 70 x 7mm in 6m lg Angle iron of 60 x 60 x 6mm in 6m lg Angle iron of 50 x 50 x 5mm in 6m lg Angle iron of 30 x 30 x 3mm in 6m lg Regards. Co:Trbex Impex Pvt Ltd Add:Gt Road Dhandari Kalan Ludhiana Punjab Tel:+919592099831 Fax:+911614373700 Email:khemi**[ta]**exports.com Website:www.trbex.com 聯系人:hemi國家:India khemi**[ta]**exports.com

糧油食品 Air Conditioners Dear Sir, We are one of the leading importers of air conditioners, having our H.O in New Delhi and branch offices in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Uttra Khand. We have requirement of ACs of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 ton capacity of Window as well as Split type on regular basis. Would request you to share your best pricing along with the technical specifications, MOQ &amp; terms of supply. With Regards. Co:Audio Devices Add:145A/9 Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj,New Delhi - 110070, India Tel:+919811209564 Fax:+91-11-26895137 Email:achalgrover**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Achal Grover - Director國家:India achalgrover**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 PPS Dear Sir, We are a company in Iran and we need plastic resin for our production. We need GPPS 861N Taita at this time. Please let us know the price and and time of shipment of the said production. Regards. Co:Fars Rojan Add:Iran Tel:987116262141 Fax:987116263482 Email:karbasid**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:ariush國家:Iran karbasid**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 lywood Dear Sir, We need your quotation of one container 20' of plywood size 4mm.and one size 8mm. One 20' 10 mm, one 12 mm, one 15mm, one 19mm. Prices should be FOB. Thanks. Regards. Co:ETS Sebas Add:Pointe Noire/Congo Tel:+242 05 524 38 96 Fax:+242 05 524 38 96 Email:etssebas**[ta]**oo.fr 聯系人:ebastien國家:Congo etssebas**[ta]**oo.fr

糧油食品 Ceramic Mugs Dear Sir/Madam, Looking to buy ceramic tableware and specifically ceramic mugs with decal decoration for promotional items to pack with chocolate items. Typically looking at around 1 to 1.5 million mugs per year. Regards. Co:Kinnerton Confectionery Co. Ltd Add:1000 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL, England Tel:00442022849545 Fax:00442072849501 Email:gavin.meeks**[ta]**nternet.com Website:www.kinnerton.com 聯系人:avin國家:United Kingdom gavin.meeks**[ta]**nternet.com

糧油食品 Concrete Pumps And Tower Cranes Dear Sir, We would like to know your new &amp; used concrete pumps and tower cranes. which brands do you have? How much? Thank you for early reply. Best Wishes. Co:Behsaman Add:3rd Floor, Kowsar Building, Hash Behesht, Esfahan, Esfahan, Iran Tel:98-311-2664442 Fax:98-311-2664442 Email:behsamantradecompany7032**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Pejman Sheibani - Marketing And Sales Manager國家:Iran behsamantradecompany7032**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Organic Textiles And Garments Dear Sir/Madam, I am extremely interested in the organic textile industry and am currently trying to research places worldwide that manufacture organic textiles and garments to open a store. I also want to explore the idea of customising products for my business. Can you please give me any and all of your information available? When I have found a company I wish to form a partnership with, I would explore the possibility of visiting that company in person Thank you in advance, I am so excited I have found your company. Regards. Co:Naturally Made Add:Australia Tel:61897260655 Fax:61897260655 Email:carlymark**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Carly Collins國家:Australia carlymark**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Shoes From China Dear Sir, I am looking for imported shoes from China. Regards. Co:Simplicity Boutique Add:M Towers, Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya Tel:91-9862720182 Fax:91-9862720182 Email:bajopfluer**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:ajop國家:India bajopfluer**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Fire Pit Dear Sir/Madam, I'm interested in your fire pit with with stainless steel bowl and stone surround. Can you please send me information for shipment to Australia? Thank You. Co:Teknix Add:Australia Email:smcelligott.teknix**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:ean國家:Australia smcelligott.teknix**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Sesame Seeds Dear Sir, We are a trading house of Bangladesh want to import all kind of sesame seeds from your country. We are interested to import black, brown, white sesame seeds from your country. Will you please kindly inform us how much quantity of every types of sesame seeds can be able to export to our country. We need to stabilise a long term business relation with your company. Now will you kindly offer us your best price CNF Banglabanda or FOB price. Awaiting for your early reply. Thanking you. Best regards. Co:Beijing High Hope Add:House 21, road 9a, sector 5, Uttara Model Town,Uttara, Dhaka 1230., Bangladesh Tel:880 1711 276276 Fax:880 02 8915322 Email:kamalliton**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Md. Mostafa國家:Bangladesh kamalliton**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Household Utensils, Housewares Dear Sir/Madam, We are well-known firm in Tehran (Iran). Our requirements are as follows: Home appliances, household utensils, house wares, plastic goods and relevant issues. Please would you send us your latest catalogue, price-list. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Yours sincerely. Co:Hamed Plastic Add:No-103-Building Shaydaee-Fifth shaydaee St- Sazmaneh aab Ave -Hakimeyyeh-Tehran-Iran Postal code: 1658956811 Tel:+982177355791 Fax:+982177336602 Email:hamed.plastic**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:H.Roghaniha - CEO國家:Iran hamed.plastic**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Leather Waste Bins Dear Sir, We are a Illovo-based retail company that specialize in the supply of office furniture as well as some home furniture. Our client is looking for leather waste bins. If you could kindly advise whether you could assist. Would appreciate a reply with a picture and price per unit. Thank you so much! With regards. Co:Fullerton Furniture Add:40 Central Avenue, Corner Oxford Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, South Africa Tel:27-011-2682665 Fax:27-011-2680703 Email:sales**[ta]**lerton.co.za 聯系人:ertia國家:South Africa sales**[ta]**lerton.co.za

糧油食品 Phenolic Handles We are interested in importing phenolic handles with rivets suitable for aluminium cookware pans. Casserole sizes 12.5cm 2 hole / 15cm 3 hole/ 17.5cm 3 hole Padella sizes 12.5 cm 2 hole / 15cm 2 hole / 17.5cm 3 hole Can you help or suggest a manufactuer. Co:Sullivan Holdings Ltd Add:West Coppice Road, Brownhills, Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom Tel:44-1543-377280 Fax:44-1543-373079 Email:sullivanholdings**[ta]**cali.co.uk 聯系人:erry國家:United Kingdom sullivanholdings**[ta]**cali.co.uk

糧油食品 Jute, Hemp And Seagrass Carpets Dear Sir &amp; Madam, Please can you email me your website if you have a website. If you do not have a website please email me photos of your jute, hemp and seagrass carpets. Waiting for your reply. Thanks. Co:Daliwe Designs Add:P O Box 98, La Lucia, 4153, Durban, South Africa Tel:27-31-5027776 Fax:27-86-5108196 Email:marianne**[ta]**iwedesigns.co.za 聯系人:arianne國家:South Africa marianne**[ta]**iwedesigns.co.za

糧油食品 Auto-rewind Garden Hose Dear Sir, We need Garden Hose. Can you quote me on your product, Auto Rewind garden hose, around 15-20 m? Waiting for your news. Regards. Co:Jack Reacher Add:Singapore Email:Jackreacher**[ta]**l.com 聯系人:ack國家:Singapore Jackreacher**[ta]**l.com

糧油食品 -Shirts Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking for plain white cotton t-shirts, 500.000 Pieces (135gsm) for African market, best possible price FOB Departure Port. Looking forward to receive your feedback by return. Co:Nature Co. Add:Saffier Str. 3, Herentals, Belgium Tel:32-475-512904 Email:natureco**[ta]**enet.be 聯系人:T. Zanga國家:Belgium natureco**[ta]**enet.be

糧油食品 Plumeria Seeds Dear Sir, I want to buy 1000 plumeria seeds also it can be a few differant coulor. Can send your web adress again please than I can send you more details. Thanks a lot. Co:SUKUR HARMANDA Add:SIDE ANADOLU HASTANESI YALI MAH. SIDE BULV., SIDE-MAN****GAT, ANTALYA, ANTALYA 07330, Turkiye Tel:0090 242 334 3776 Email:drsukur**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Sukur Harmanda國家:Turkey drsukur**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 Raw Silk Yarn Hello dear, I am buyer raw silk yarn 20/22 &amp; 50/55 4A Each kind 600 kg All: 1200kg Please send price. Co:1318 Kashan Add:Iran, Esfahan, Kashan, central bazaar: MIYANCHAL Tel:98 361 4224055 Fax:98 361 4224055 Email:dr.ali_chenini**[ta]**oo.com Mobile:98 913 2772936 聯系人:DR. Alireza Chenini國家:Iran dr.ali_chenini**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Chemicals For Adhesive And Textile Industries Actually I am inthe Trading and Supply Business since 1989. Here in Chemical Market at Mumbai. I have few small scale Consumers of Textile, Adhesive gums Industries inthe Diiferent part of India. My Major Dealings are in 1) Butyl Acrylate Monomer 2) Acrylic Acid 3) Vinyl Acetate Monomer 4) Methanol 5) Acrylamide 6) Poly vinyl Alcohol-HOT Co:Chisso Corporation Add:India Tel:91-22-23414296 Fax:91-22-66313556 Email:chisso_corp**[ta]**oo.co.in 聯系人:Chandresh D Mehta國家:India chisso_corp**[ta]**oo.co.in

糧油食品 Red Lentil, Chickpeas, Beans Dear Sirs, We are interested in importing: Red lentil, chickpeas, beans for human consumption Please pay more attention and take this issue seriously. Our minimum order quantity will be probably 500MT to 2000MT. We may increase or decrease our order quantity in accordance with your price or other terms and conditions. We are thinking of making the payment %100 L/C at sight if is proper for you. Our port will be Mersin or Iskenderun in Turkey. Kindly prepare a quotation stating CIF price ,payment and delivery terms and conditions and send us as fast as you can. Your quotation should also include technical specifications. Your close care will be highly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your kind consideration. Sincerely Yours. Co:Products Co.Ltd. Add:Bat kent Mah 73 Nolu Sok No:1 Latife Bilir Apt No:3 Sehitkamil/Gaziantep/Turkey Tel:00905336156076 Fax:0090342337950 Email:korayrengin27**[ta]**et.com 聯系人:Yaman Kilic - General Manager國家:Turkey korayrengin27**[ta]**et.com

糧油食品 Turmeric Powder Dear Sir, Please give turmeric powder samples &amp; price list. Thanks. Co:Praba Agencies Add:18/40. East Street, Aduthurai, Thiruvidaimaruthur(Tk), Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India Tel:+91-94435-64505 Fax:+91-0435-2470207 Email:prabaagencies**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:uresh國家:India prabaagencies**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 Plywood Panels From China We are looking for: Plywood panels from China Okoume or Bintagore faces Poplar or MLH core BB/CC MR GLUE 1) 244 x 122 2.4, 2.7, 3.6, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm ) Doors sizes 3.6 mm 2.05 m x 0.7/ 0.75/ 0.85/ 0.92/ 1.00/ 1.22 m CNF Algeria or Morocco ports, Delivery by 40' ctr Regards. Co:Lap International Add:France Tel:0033559624675 Fax:0033559625891 Email:lap-international**[ta]**adoo.fr 聯系人:Mr Regis國家:France lap-international**[ta]**adoo.fr

糧油食品 Anthracite Coal Dear Sir, We have demand of anthracite coal. Needed for Vietnam. Kindly send your soft offer including my commission and also require your skype and email id. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards. Co:Bareilly Chamber Of Commerce Add:122/167, Civil Lines, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India Tel:91-581-2420782 Fax:91-581-2427080 Email:shuchiprime**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Girish Gupta國家:India shuchiprime**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Copier A4 Paper Dear Sirs, Wish to buy copier paper A4 on regular basis. I would like to have paper specifications first alongwith lowest FOB prices. Should everything gets approved, my quantity would be about 5 containers every month. Regards. Co:Aad Special Papers Add:Via Lombriasco, 10-12, It-12030 Casalgrasso -Italy Tel:39-01-93211022 Fax:39-01-93211044 Email:harry.seebus**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Harry Seebus國家:Italy harry.seebus**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 ewellery Dear Sirs, I am trying to source jewellery and semi precious stone jewellery. If the jewellery is what I am looking for and it is of a high standard I will be buying large amounts frequently. If you feel you have this type of jewellery available please get in contact. Many thanks. Co:Contemporary Turkish Jewellery Add:22 Lynton Park Rd, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, Cheshire, United Kingdom Tel:44-75464-477469 Fax:44-75464-477469 Email:da_ha_hu**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Hannah Wallace國家:United Kingdom da_ha_hu**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 -Slicer Dear Gentlemen, I would like to receive an urgent quotation for 1000 V-slicer. Let me know about the options of payment and shipping time Along with good large pictures and detailed specification &amp; number of insert OR blades 3 or 5 or 7. Should your prices be competitive, we shall place substantial orders with you. We look forward to an early reply. Yours sincerely. M. Zeeshan butt. Sialkot Pakistan Co:Sialkot Add:Pakistan Email:mrzeeshanbutt**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:M. Zeeshan國家:Pakistan mrzeeshanbutt**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Steel Billets Dear Sir, We need Low carbon Steel Billet ANSI 1005 (C = 0.6max, Mn = 0.35 max.) Total quantity for the first order will be 6000 Kgs. or per your MOQ. Size: Dia. 100 mm x 6000 mm. (Round type) If cannot provide round type please offer square type. Best Regards. Co:P.B.Special Steel Co.,Ltd Add:Thailand Tel:+66-38-482281 Fax:+66-38-482286 Email:info**[ta]**pecialsteel.com Website:www.pbspecialsteel.com Mobile:+66 81 862 4073 聯系人:arn國家:Thailand info**[ta]**pecialsteel.com

糧油食品 Metal Bottle Openers What is the CIF price on your Metal Bottle Openers? Could you please give us a price point on classic metal bottle opener either in a blue or white finish and possibly with printed logo. Looking to start with approximately 250. If you need any further information please contact me. Co:Niagara College Add:Canada Tel:905-641-2252 ext 4071 Email:info**[ta]**garacollege.ca Website:http://www.niagaracollege.ca 聯系人:abriela國家:Canada info**[ta]**garacollege.ca

糧油食品 Dried Red Chillies Dear Sir, Need dried red chilies. Regards. Co:Kayata Trading Company Add:No 335, Avissawella Road, Kotikawattha, Sri Lanka Tel:0094 0777734635 Fax:0094 0112451694 Email:kayata712**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Chaminda Janapriya Dissanayake國家:Sri Lanka kayata712**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 False Eyelash Hello, Please send me more information on your mink/silk eyelash? I want to know, do you offer small orders? What are your minimum order? Do you ship to Estonia and how much is the shipping price? Do you offer private label? Can you send me your pricelist. Co:Fairy Lashes Add:Estonia Tel:+372 53 99 53 88 Email:info**[ta]**rylashes.eu Website:www.fairylashes.eu 聯系人:irector國家:Estonia info**[ta]**rylashes.eu

糧油食品 False Eyelash Hello, Please send me more information on your mink/silk eyelash? I want to know, do you offer small orders? What are your minimum order? Do you ship to Estonia and how much is the shipping price? Do you offer private label? Can you send me your pricelist. Co:Fairy Lashes Add:Estonia Tel:+372 53 99 53 88 Email:info**[ta]**rylashes.eu Website:www.fairylashes.eu 聯系人:irector國家:Estonia info**[ta]**rylashes.eu

糧油食品 Steel Switch Box (BS Standard) Dear Sir: Please quote your most competitive prices and delivery lead time CIF Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the following BS Standard Boxes: 1) Junction Boxes (steel with earth): 10*10*0.9*5,5 Qty: 500,000 pcs. 7*14*0.9*3,5 Qty: 500,000 pcs. 7*14*0.9*4,7 Qty: 500,000 pcs. 72*72*35*0.9 Qty: 786,000 pcs. 72*13.2*35.0.9 Qty: 12,000 pcs. 7*7*0.9*3,5 Qty: 1,300,000 pcs 7*7*0.9*4,7 Qty: 1,300,000 pcs. Appreciating your immediate reply. Best Regards. Co:American Falcon International, Inc Add:648A Berlin-Cross Keys Road, Sicklerville, NJ 08081 USA Tel:1-856-262-8133 Fax:1-856-262-8134 Email:peping**[ta]**ricanfalcon.com Website:www.americanfalcon.com 聯系人:eping國家:USA peping**[ta]**ricanfalcon.com

糧油食品 Shrimp Peeling Machine Dear sir, I'm interested in your Shrimp Peeling Machine. Please send me information and photo's of your machines. Also send me the specifications and prices as soon as possible. Thank you. Co:Afri Fish And Food Add:Suriname Tel:597 8656008 Email:afrifishandfood**[ta]**.com 聯系人:emon國家:Suriname afrifishandfood**[ta]**.com

糧油食品 Putting Fare Collection Boxes Dear Sir, We are working with a company in Turkey that is interested in putting fare collection boxes in their buses that would accept coins, 5 sizes as we indicate here. Perhaps you could design such a Machine. 5 Kurus diameter 17.00mm thickness 1.65mm Plain 10 kurus diameter18.5 mm Thinkness 1.65 mm plain 25 kurus diameter 20.5 mm thickness1.65 mm edge Reeded 50 kurus diameter 23.85 mm thickness 1.9 mm edge reeded 1 Lira diameter 26.15 mm thickness 1.9 mm edge T.C. letters and tulip figure The trip costs 2.50 Lira. Initially they would want to try one, with an expected order of 250 units and then more. If you can help us with this please let us know. Rgds. Co:Mark Warren Industries Add:647 Philadelphia Street Indiana, Pennsylvania 15701 Tel:724-349-1212 Fax:724-349-7717 Email:glinsky**[ta]**.net 聯系人:ark國家:United States glinsky**[ta]**.net

糧油食品 Corn From China Dear Sir, We are willing to buy that quantity for our market but in one charter delivery, so we need to know the followings: 1-If you can ship 50000T to 100,000.-M/T in one shipment? 2-THe exact Specifications of your product? 3-Your best final prices on FOB China and C&amp;F charter to our port Bandare IMAM in prsian gulf 4-Charter terms such as Dis charging rate Per WWD -damurage if late or slow discharging etc....? 5-Terms of L/C you require? Also how long you need to collect above quantity and load them? Please kindly reply above and even if more other conditions. Co:P&amp;p Trading Co. Add:Zafar Ave. East Dolat Shad Jam Str No.7tehran-iran Tel:009821 22006880/017052529093 Fax:22005851 Email:abbaskhatai**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:Mr.Abbas Khatai國家:Iran abbaskhatai**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 DPE Dear Sir, Can you send me details of LDPE which you have for sale. I would be interested in LDPE natural colour. I check my email regularly and I hope to hear from you soon. Waiting for your news. Regards. Co:Corrigan Enterprises Add:Toneymore, Derrylin, Enniskillen, United Kingdom Tel:44-7988-92369 Fax:44-7988-92368 Email:donalcorr**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:Donal Corrigan國家:United Kingdom donalcorr**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Bra Sets, Lingerie, Underwear Dear Sir/Madam, We are a UK based company looking to purchase bulk quantities, good priced - bra sets, lingerie/ underwear. If you have pictures of styles you have already made and prices it would give us an idea of what you do. We are also interested in putting or own brand on lingerie in addition to buying cancellations and overstocks. So any photos of your previous products and prices would be helpful. Thanks. Co:Joan Add:Glasgow, United Kingdom Tel:0044-7525-631310 Fax:0044-7525-631310 Email:joan**[ta]**saints.com 聯系人:oan國家:United Kingdom joan**[ta]**saints.com

糧油食品 Rubber Speed Bumps Dear Sir/Madam, I want a supplier for: Rubber speed bumps or humps of all design and size. Please reply amd attach prices. Waiting for your reply. Thanks. Co:Ndk Uganda Enterprises Ltd Add:Kampala Sixth Street, Kampala, Uganda Tel:256-772-906353 Fax:256-772-906353 Email:kennongn03**[ta]**oo.co.uk 聯系人:ennon國家:Uganda kennongn03**[ta]**oo.co.uk

糧油食品 colored sandpaper First of all, let me know the minimum amount because I am interested in buying the sanding by rolls and a variety of colors. Let me know the exact cost per roll and rolls per color Cut I could sell, as this will help to place my order. I would also know if you have permission and they work as well could trust more in you also want to know the delivery time. I'm from lima peru. waiting for your prompt response. Co:Rccolll Add:Peru Email:rccolll**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:uis國家:Peru rccolll**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 poly/cotton yarn We want to buy 10s poly/cotton yarn natural color, grey, melange for seamless gloves knitting. we can buy 2 containers of 20' ft per month. please quote your cif nhava sheva prices for gloves knitting yarn. Please quote prices with delivery period payment terms. Co:Marvel Gloves Industries Add:187 Ashoka Shopping Centre, Lt Marg, 2nd Floor, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Tel:91-22-22659475 Fax:91-22-22626902 Email:marvelgloves**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Mr. Farooq國家:India marvelgloves**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Leather &amp; PVC Corsets Hi, Please provide your catalogue or pics and I can choose. Also, prices? mode of payments? and delivery? Let me know. Thanks &amp; Regards. Co:Rohit Upadel Add:India Email:rohitupadel**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:ohit國家:India rohitupadel**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Salted Fish HI! Can you provide me all information about your salted fish? I want to start my one business of selling salted fisch. I'm living to UK. Many thanks. Co:Pierre Juniorn Add:United Kingdom Tel:00447815563555 Email:pierrejuniorn**[ta]**oo.fr 聯系人:ierre國家:United Kingdom pierrejuniorn**[ta]**oo.fr

糧油食品 PVC Tarpaulin Hello, I am in need to PVC tarpulin striped color, stock or order, 500D X500D, 17*18, 0.40mm width 1.55 meter. I am in need to huge quantity from PVC coated tarpaulin mix color, Width start from 2 meter, weight per SQM not more then 800 G. Please let me know the details and price per kilo. Best regards. Co:Nassmeh company Add:Syrian Arab Republic Tel:00963-966-508052 Fax:00963-11-2311982 Email:nbbc_maher**[ta]**oo.com 聯系人:ariman國家:Syrian Arab Republic nbbc_maher**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Stationery Vending Machine Dear Sir, Can you supply Stationery Vending machine for us? I am intersted in buying this units.... Can you please contact me with details and price? Please send us your e-mail. We'll wait, thanks. Regards. Co:Velloresriram Add:India Tel:+91 97910 66010 Email:velloresriram**[ta]**il.com 聯系人:Sriram Nagarajan國家:India velloresriram**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 polyester yarn We are looking for below qualities 20/1 %100 polyester ring spun yarn 30/1 %100 polyester ring spun yarn Pls offer CIF Izmir port ( Turkey) C%3, L/C a sigh. Co:ONIMPEKS FOREIGN&amp;DOMESTIC TRADE CO Add:Akkale mah. Demokrasi CD. No: 1, Denizli, Denizli, Turkey Tel:90-258-2672428 Fax:90-258-2672432 Email:kutlay**[ta]**mpeks.com Website:http://www.onimpeks.com 聯系人:EN國家:Turkey kutlay**[ta]**mpeks.com

糧油食品 hirts Dear Sir, Please send me your offer with best price and pictures. I will wait for your reply very soon. Co:E.O. International Add:219-31 Dong-sam Dong, Young-do, Busan, Kyoung Nam, South Korea Tel:82-10-25627890 Fax:82-51-9553456 Email:hanjas82**[ta]**mail.com 聯系人:ans國家:South Korea hanjas82**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 Lambs wool/polyamidedyed yarn Hello, We need 80/20 lambswool/polyamide yarn for knitting Nm1/15. We need price CIF Da Nang port in Vietnam. Our factory is located in Vietnam. What are your other key products in the yarns? I am looking forward your prices and conditions. Best regards. Co:Vietnam Knitted Garment Ltd Add:lot DH5 Phu Bai industrial park, Hue, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam Tel:+359894620666 Fax:0118454951296 Email:info**[ta]**tnamknitted.com Website:http://www.vietnamknitted.com 聯系人:Mr. Vladimir Danailov國家:Vietnam info**[ta]**tnamknitted.com

糧油食品 Filament From China Dear Sir, I am writing to enquire about your Chinese suppliers/manufacturers' latest prices about Filament for Incandescent Lamps (IL) and as an urgent Filament 200W, 230V. The specification is attached as well. In addition we are contacting you as a LAMP PRODUCER COMPANY from Iran. Here you can easily find our Contact Information. An early reply would be appreciated. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Filament From China.pdf 國家地區:Iran 聯系形式:公司/地址/電話/傳真/電郵/網站/MSN :該詢盤為特別推薦信息,但本網并不保證外商一定回復或一定能成交 Co:PARS SHAHAB LAMP CO Add:Mosala Square , Imam khomeini boulevard, Rasht/Guilan/Iran Tel:+98(0)131 6666043 Fax:+98(0)131 6662883 Email:parnis.azimi**[ta]**oo.com Website:http//:www.parsshahab.com MSN:parnis.azimi 聯系人:Parnis Azimi (Ms) - Purchasing Officer國家:Iran parnis.azimi**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Air Compressor Dear Sir/Madam, We are very much interested to import Set Reciprocating Air Compressor with Motor of C&amp;F Chittagong emergency basis, Please be noted that, only serious Manufacturers and Suppliers immediately contact with me. For more detail Specification &amp; information, please contact with me immediately. And also please clearly specify your contact information (email, web etc.). Please confirm urgent your possibility to supply the same in order to finalize the deal favoring yourself and do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries. Co:Galaxy Trade International Add:Bangladesh Tel:880-2-8856561 Email:galaxy**[ta]**axytradebd.com Website:http://www.galaxytradebd.com 聯系人:Mr. Moinul Hassan國家:Bangladesh galaxy**[ta]**axytradebd.com

糧油食品 Garlic seed from China Please send me a quote on your Normal White Garlic in China/Garlic Seed. Is your Garlic from a similar climate to UK? Co:Garden Partners Tel:44 (0) 7861455726 Email:info**[ta]**denpartners.org.uk Website:www.gardenpartners.org.uk 聯系人:eter國家:United Kingdom info**[ta]**denpartners.org.uk

糧油食品 polyester sewing threads Dear Sirs / Madam We are importers of 100% 40/2 polyester sewing threads on 5000yds cones. We usually order 2 20ft Containers per month Qty 111,000 cones of 5000yds in Colours ( we have our own colour card with 280 colours, Black &amp; Optic White for which we are currently paying CIF terms to Felixstowe London UK 0.550usd per cone Raw white and 0.580usd per cones Colours ,Black and Optic white. Please let me your very best prices bearing in mind the quantaties we order per month. I await your reply in kind ASAP! B Rgds Co:Cotton Mill Add:London Uk Tel:02088022305 Email:tushar**[ta]**ton-mill.co.uk 聯系人:Mr Tushar Amin國家:United Kingdom tushar**[ta]**ton-mill.co.uk

糧油食品 Carton Closing Staple Dear Producer, Good day! Our company is interested in purchasing Carton Closing Staples 35X18. We kindly ask you to send us your prices and main selling conditions. Could you offer us Pneumatic (or Manual) Stapler for Carton Closing. Staples 35X18? Thank you a lot and best regards. Waiting for you answer Co:UNISTRAP Add:Ukraine, 49033, Dnipropetrovsk, 152 Divizii str, 3 , office.428 Tel:38-056-7916060 Fax:38-056-7979794 Email:info**[ta]**strap.com.ua Website:http://www.unistrap.com.ua/ 聯系人:ilva國家:Ukrain info**[ta]**strap.com.ua

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