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糧油食品 Electric Penis Pumps Dear Sir, Can you provide an Electric Penis Pump like attached image. If you can only let me know. I rather buy it from a different supplier. If so please e-mail me the FOB cost for test order 100 pcs and the ocean port you will ship from and production time. Regards. Co:Four Corners Ltd Add:Hong Kong Email:marvinhk**[ta]**netvigator.com聯系人:arvin國家:Hong Kong marvinhk**[ta]**netvigator.com

糧油食品 Coconut Water Dear Sir, Good day. We are a tea distributor in the southeast region of US and we are interested in your coconut water to be packed in our own private label brand. Please advise the following: 1. the minimum quantity per order for private label if any 2. how many quantity in a 40' container 3. does your company have an office or warehouse in US 4. the price list of your coconut water in different types of packaging 5. what is your current manufacturing capacity for coconut water We are currently reviewing the proposals from a few manufacturers and after receiving and reviewing your information, we will decide if we will partner with your company in our new project. Thank you so much in advance for your attention. I look forward to receiving your information at your earliest convenience. Sincerely. Co:Atlanta Tea Company Add:USA Tel:770-279-2360 Fax:770-279-8779 Email:mingt**[ta]**lsouth.net聯系人:Ming Tan國家:USA mingt**[ta]**lsouth.net

糧油食品 Coconut Water Dear Sir, Good day. We are a tea distributor in the southeast region of US and we are interested in your coconut water to be packed in our own private label brand. Please advise the following: 1. the minimum quantity per order for private label if any 2. how many quantity in a 40' container 3. does your company have an office or warehouse in US 4. the price list of your coconut water in different types of packaging 5. what is your current manufacturing capacity for coconut water We are currently reviewing the proposals from a few manufacturers and after receiving and reviewing your information, we will decide if we will partner with your company in our new project. Thank you so much in advance for your attention. I look forward to receiving your information at your earliest convenience. Sincerely. Co:Atlanta Tea Company Add:USA Tel:770-279-2360 Fax:770-279-8779 Email:mingt**[ta]**lsouth.net聯系人:Ming Tan國家:USA mingt**[ta]**lsouth.net

糧油食品 Paper Coffee Filter I want to buy your Paper coffee filter, to sell in coffee shop in Viet Nam. Please send me the quotation, picture of product, time to delivery, CIF Ha Noi. We are importing in Japan with high price, so i want to import from China. Thanks for your reply. Co:Tai coffee shop Add:Ha Noi, Viet Nam Tel:0084466632280 Email:tai**[ta]**anca.com Skype:taiductlu聯系人:ai國家:Vietnam tai**[ta]**anca.com

糧油食品 Paper Coffee Filter I want to buy your Paper coffee filter, to sell in coffee shop in Viet Nam. Please send me the quotation, picture of product, time to delivery, CIF Ha Noi. We are importing in Japan with high price, so i want to import from China. Thanks for your reply. Co:Tai coffee shop Add:Ha Noi, Viet Nam Tel:0084466632280 Email:tai**[ta]**anca.com Skype:taiductlu聯系人:ai國家:Vietnam tai**[ta]**anca.com

糧油食品 Plastic Cups Dear Sir, Kindly quote your best prices for our Urgent Order as follows: Technical Specifications for Transparent Plastic Cups: 1. Cups: Made of transparent crystal, non recycled 100% food plastic , with good hardness , and bear boiling point (PS). 2.Cylindrical ( cone shape ) and the lower section is curved (at the waist) 3.Weight : about 11 grams approximately. 4.Height :80 mm approximately. 5.The diameter of the lower 50 mm approximately. 6.The diameter of the upper 75 mm approximately. 7.Capacity 180 ml approximately. 8.Upper and bottom edges are smooth and glace. 9.Our logo are embossed on the base of the cup. 10. Packaging: Cups to be packed in nylon bag each one contains (25) cups then to be packed in suitable cartons contain (1000) cups each. 11. Qty. required: 4,000,000 Cups 12. First delivery parcel: 450,000 cups (AS SOON AS POSSIBLE) 13. Our logo to be send as soon as we agreed the prices. Thanks &amp; regards. Co:media international sy Add:Media International Syria Branch Tel:+963 43 220172 Fax:+963 43 218900 Email:media.internationalsy**[ta]**il.com, j.arnouk**[ta]**il.com Mobile:+963 933 881 898聯系人:Joseph - Import Export Manager國家:Syria media.internationalsy**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 Plastic Solenoid Valve Dear Friend, We are a corporation in Iran and for one of our products I am interested to use your plastic Solenoid Valve . Please give me the price for 2500 PCS of this valve and a complete datasheet of this product if this is possible. By the way may I have some samples of this valve? Best regards. Co:Amin Sadegh Samimi Add:Iran Email:mnsadegh**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:min國家:Iran mnsadegh**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Fingerless Gloves Dear Sir, Please send me FOB price on Fingerless Gloves. Please send information on black leather, fingerless riding gloves, without holes at knuckle area. Min order? Very Truly Yours. Co:Charles Cooker Add:United States Email:ccrobert**[ta]**.com聯系人:harles國家:United States ccrobert**[ta]**.com

糧油食品 Fingerless Gloves Dear Sir, Please send me FOB price on Fingerless Gloves. Please send information on black leather, fingerless riding gloves, without holes at knuckle area. Min order? Very Truly Yours. Co:Charles Cooker Add:United States Email:ccrobert**[ta]**.com聯系人:harles國家:United States ccrobert**[ta]**.com

糧油食品 Metal Swords &amp; Shields From China Dear Sir, Looking for supplier/manufacturer to our Christian organization, Champions of Honor. We need: 1. Metal swords: 32 inches long 2. Metal shields: About 15 inches wide by 24 inches tall. More details &amp; pictures are as attached, please check the attached .PDF file and inform whether your Chinese manufacturer make that is similar. Regards. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! Metal Swords &amp; Shields From China.pdf Co:Champions of Honor Add:109 West Pago Pago Drive, Naples, Florida 34113 Tel:1-239-389-7896 Fax:1-239-389-7897 Email:mannymiyar**[ta]**cast.net Website:www.championsofhonor.com聯系人:Manny Miyar國家:United States mannymiyar**[ta]**cast.net

糧油食品 news print paper Dear Sir, We need newpaper blank print papers. reqmnt is for bandar abbas iran, payment from saderat iran bank, qty is 50,000 metric tons. Please quote with all terms and conditions. Co:Sirin Impex Add:s/4 std appt, ratnagiri, ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India 415639 Tel:91-9370-269-266 Fax:91-44-4309-0237 Email:mansoorkazi61**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Mr. Mansoor國家:India mansoorkazi61**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 REGENERATED POLYESTER STAPLE FIBRE We are also working as buying agents for some of our associates for sourcing their requirements and one of our associates are interested in importing regenerated polyester staple fibre 50.0 den x 100mm and 80.0 den x 100mm white and black in large quantities on regular basis. Producers of this fibre may please contact us, there is big business. Thanks and regards Co:Wooltex International Add:A-150, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi Tel:91-11-26682875 Fax:91-11-41881183 Email:wooltex**[ta]**telmail.in,wooltex**[ta]**telbroadband.in Mobile:91-9810225372聯系人:Mr Inderjit Khurana國家:India wooltex**[ta]**telmail.in

糧油食品 Men &amp; Women Garments I need 280 to 320 Gm Fleece in Basic Men Colors Front Zip Hood /Sweat Shirts/ &amp; Pullover 3 Items 40 feet container for each Item with our specs &amp; Label only available basic Men Colors in stock Fabric. Also I need Men Polo shirt with Y/Dyed Woven Plaids 165 Gm Cargo short inseam 14-1/2 match with Polo colors (Gray, Blue, Red, Olive, green, orabge ets in 6 colors short with canvas belt with Ring 12000 Sets in Fresh Fabric. Target Price Zipper $ 2.75 Pullover $ 2.50 Sweat shirt $ 2.00 and Polo Set $ 5.90 all FOB. Specs are not special its regulat USA specs Like Chest in Large size 24 Length 29 Sleeve 24. For polo sets deliver time 45 days after L/C date. Pls confirm Co:Kashi Group Inc Add:50 Gillette Ave, Patchogue, New York, United States 11772 Tel:1-631-475-0103 Fax:1-631-475-0265 Email:knitusa**[ta]**.com聯系人:Mr. M.I. John國家:United States knitusa**[ta]**.com

糧油食品 Polypodium Leucotomos Extract I want to buy Polypodium Leucotomos Extract product you are selling, please contact me ! You can contact with email. Co:BARIJ ESSENCE PHARMACEUTICAL CO. Add:Mashade Ardehal - Kashan PO.Box 1178 Tel:0098 - 866436 - 2731 Fax:0098 - 866436 - 2187 Email:popfather_iran**[ta]**oo.com,info**[ta]**ijessence.com Website:http://www.barijessence.com/聯系人:era國家:Iran popfather_iran**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Apartment Doors Good day! I am writing to enquire whether your company could offer a Apartment Doors, if it is possible to provide, kindly inform us. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully Co:CCC_Construction and Constructing Company Congo Ltd Tel:249 918930753 Email:company_ccc**[ta]**oo.com,joceliz_86**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Ms. Jocelyn Rampas國家:Congo company_ccc**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 Acetate Tow Dear Sirs We are strongly looking for a acetate tow manufacturer who can supply high quality product with a continious supply. If you can provide such product, pls contact us. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Sincerely yours Co:Soroshsanat Tel:98 912 245 89 59 Email:info**[ta]**oshsanat.com聯系人:Mr. Mehrdad Afrouz國家:Iran info**[ta]**oshsanat.com

糧油食品 fresh frozen tuna loins We are interested of different Tuna products you provide. So we need to know first next things: 1) number of factory 2) Certificates: - quality - origin - veterinary 3) color of fish ( yellow or red) 4) size of the fish 5) when you selling it by pieces then size (s) of the piece 6) packaging ( is it IQF ) 7) how many kilograms in one package 8) date of production and best before I hope you can give me replay soon and we can go forward. Regards Co:CaroTrading LPP Add:Jelgavas av.12. Vilnjus Lithuania 52219 Email:raimondchoi**[ta]**il.com聯系人:Raimond Choi國家:Lithuania raimondchoi**[ta]**il.com

糧油食品 dried washed lemon peel Hello We are buyers of FCL dried washed lemon peel packed in containers for pectin extraction. Product is pressed to be compacted in 50 kg bags for loading in a 40 ft container 25 tons ap. In cas you can supply will appreciate receiving your specifications and commercial offer Best regards Co:Loughman Trade Corp Email:loughma**[ta]**global.net SKYPE:pablospindler聯系人:Pablo Spindler國家:USA loughma**[ta]**global.net

糧油食品 parfume sprayer We want to buy parfume sprayer more. pls send us your best prices with best conditions. We searching a good exporter for this case. Because we want to work with a good exporter for along time. We have a good marketing for parfume sprayers. Best Regards Co:AYSEV FOREIGN TRADE CO.LTD Add:Haci Halil Mah. 1218 Sok. No:7 Yunus Emre Is Hani Kat:3 Daire:1 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli - TURKEY Tel:90 262 641 00 85 Email:aydin.musavirlik**[ta]**oo.com.tr聯系人:AYDIN ACIK國家:Turkey aydin.musavirlik**[ta]**oo.com.tr

糧油食品 yringe Hi, how are you? Hope youre keeping well. I have inquiry for the syringe,my client need to customize the header into 3D Dragon shape. We need a price for 500,000 pcs. IN 10ml capacity without needle with plastic packing each piece with 1-2 colors printing. Hope you can send me your best offer as soon as possible. Please arrange for me a simple layout so that we can show to our client. Appreciate your quick responses. Thanks &amp; best regards Co:AL MANAFIE NOV. &amp; GIFTS TRADING Add:SHARJAH P.O.BOX 24590 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tel:971 6 5742536 Email:info**[ta]**anafie-group.com,cell**[ta]**anafie-group.com Website:www.almanafie-group.com聯系人:Wael Al Aswad國家:UAE info**[ta]**anafie-group.com

糧油食品 fresh red peper Dear Sirs, We are looking for red pepper halves for canning industry. Please send us your actual offer. Thank you Co:A+Z Risnovsky, Halasz s.r.o Add:Skolska 737925 22 Velke Ulany Slovakia Tel:421903788176 Fax:421 317016 702 Email:risnovsky**[ta]**onzervaren.sk Website:www.azkonzervaren.sk聯系人:Peter Risnovsky國家:Slovakia risnovsky**[ta]**onzervaren.sk

糧油食品 galvalume steel coils Dear Sir / Mam Please quote prices for galvalume steel coils Prime Galvalume steel coils. AZ60 Bright Anti finger FULL HARD Regular Spangle Spec : 0.15mm x 3ft x 50 tons 0.16mm x 3ft x 50 tons 0.18mm x 3ft x 50 tons 0.20mm x 3ft x 50 tons 0.23mm x 3ft x 50 tons 0.25mm x 4ft x 50 tons 0.28mm x 3ft x 50 tons 0.32mm x 3ft / 4ft x 50 tons Kindly quote prices at cfr2% karachi, pakistan in usd. We have capacity to book 1000's of tonnes material but in secondaries. Regards Co:Sheikh International Tel:(+92-321) 2435420 Fax:(+92-21) 32270887-88 Email:steels**[ta]**ikh-group.com ,info**[ta]**ikh-group.com Website:www.sheikh-group.com聯系人:Behzad Sheikh國家:Pakistan steels**[ta]**ikh-group.com



糧油食品 Bench Grinder I want to buy Bench Grinder product you are selling, please contact me and sent me some detail catalog? Do you have possible company website? Co:Nupon NuPON Technology Sdn. Bhd Add:56, Ground &amp; 1st Floor, Lebuh Bukit Kecil Satu, Taman Sri Nibong,Phase 4B, 11900 Penang, Malaysia. Tel:604-6452833 Fax:604-6460833 Email:biz**[ta]**oncorp.com Website:www.nuponcorp.com 聯系人:ohamed國家:Malaysia biz**[ta]**oncorp.com

糧油食品 Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) Dear Sir, I have an inquiry from Egypt, if we can work on comission, please send quotation MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) - CIF / C&amp;F Alexandria Port - Egypt I need an iquiry for 80 MT of the A/M subject in ISO Tanks ( 20 MT each ) . This tender occurs 4 times / year . The Price should be CIF / C&amp;F Alexandria Port - Egypt. The most important thing to be packed in ISO Tanks For more inquiry pls contact me . Thank you. Best regards Co:Myra Foreign Trade Add:Kozyatagi no:122, Istanbul Tel:90-216-445-2342 Fax:90-216-445-2342 Email:tahsingun**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Tahsin Gun國家:Turkey tahsingun**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 arns Dear Sir Can you advise us the price for 100% ring spun polyester waxed dyed yarn ne-20/1 autoconed for knitting black - navey -light grey -medium grey and dark And same for snow white color And we are looking for p/v 65/35 also dyed for knitting waxed yarn ne-20/1 100% textured polyester 150/48 twist z black and white color Pls advise us price cif lattakia Payment: l/c or t/t Co:HAL TEX YARN Add:P.O.BOX: 25232 DAMASCUS,SYRIA Tel:00963-11-2233222 Fax:00963- 11-2246750 Email:info**[ta]**texyarn.com,haltexyarn**[ta]**l.sy Website:www.haltexyarn.com聯系人:alaki國家:Syria info**[ta]**texyarn.com

糧油食品 HDPE100 resin Dear Sirs We want to know if y can supply us with HDPE100 resin. Pls send us yr best price cif alexandria port,egypt. Hope to receive yr reply by return. thanks and best regards Co:sigma-mobic group Tel:00202 22455119 Fax:00202 22455119 Email:sigma_mobic**[ta]**oo.com,sigma-mobic**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:aev國家:Egypt sigma_mobic**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 blister tray We are one of the leading transformer manufacturer in india,We are using blister trays to packing our transformers. For the blister tray we need 0.8mm thick * 400mm width HIPS sheet rolls. Hence we request you to send your catalogue and lowest quote to move further for the below mentioned items,0.8*375, 1.0*400,1.2*450. Co:SREE VISHNU ELECTRONICS Add:Survey No.9/1, Thiruvalluvar Salai,Kannivakkam Village, Guduvancherry Kancheepuram District Pin 603 202 Tel:91 44 27438531, +91 44 27438532 Fax:91 44 27438522 Email:marketing**[ta]**india.com , ramprasad**[ta]**india.com Website:http://www.sveindia.com/聯系人:rampra sad國家:India marketing**[ta]**india.com

糧油食品 laundry soap noodle We willing and able to enter into agreement with reputable seller, the following commodity will. COMMODITY: laundry soap noodle TFM: 64% min Color: cream Packing: 25kg/pp bag QUANTITY: 400 M/T for one month DESTINATION PORT: CIF port Bandar abbas in Persian Gulf. PAYMENT TERMS AND GUARANTEES: with letter of credit (L/C) &amp; part-to-part I have to inform you that we are well-equipped company with high potentials in the markets of Iran. We are quite good at selling the products of your company in this region. We also request o receive your best ad lowest price possible for your company. Thank you for your cooperation. Wishing you well in your business activities, looking forward to your reply we remain. Best regards Co:saheran Sanat Company Add:No.3206A, shahrak sanati charmshahr, Mashhad, Iran Tel:98- 511-768334 Email:mohammadzadeh**[ta]**l.ru聯系人:mohammad zadeh國家:Iran mohammadzadeh**[ta]**l.ru

糧油食品 Ethyl Alcohol Dear Sir, This refers to our interest in sourcing certified organic Alcohol to use with our natural fragrances. However, could you please arrange to send us details of your Organic Certified Alcohol with grades if any along with MSDS, MOQ, Organic Certificate and prices for our reference? We look forward to your response and thank you for the same. With regards Co:MAROMA Add:Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu INDIA Tel:(91) 413 2622126 Fax:(91) 413 2622217 Email:maroma**[ta]**oma.com, maroma**[ta]**oville.org.in Website:http://www.maroma.com/聯系人:Joshua Johnson國家:India maroma**[ta]**oma.com

糧油食品 Red Phosphorus Please send me a quote on your Red Phosphorus. 50 kg phosphorus, red. Co:Nutriplate GmbH Add:Fasanenweg 8353757 Sankt Augustin Tel:02241 - 1658540 Fax:02241 - 1658541 Email:info**[ta]**riplate.de Website:http://www.nutriplate.com聯系人:Wolfgang Meyer國家:Germany info**[ta]**riplate.de

糧油食品 Segment Sprocket I want to buy Segment Sprocket product you are selling, please contact me ! We are also interested in your other products. Please send us your e-mail. We'll wait, thanks. Co:ASTRA CO,LTD Add:6, Ovchinnikova str., Vladivostok, 690048, Russia Tel:7-4232-360332 Fax:7-4232-405060 Email:astra**[ta]**d.ru Website:http://www.astracoltd.ru/聯系人:stra國家:Russia astra**[ta]**d.ru

糧油食品 acoustic panels I am interested in 1)1200 x 600, wooden frame, 25mm 2)1200 x 600, wooden frame, 50mm white fabric acoustic panels. Can they be hung from the ceiling? Price? Thank you. Co:WIDOMAKER Add:11861 Canon Blvd STE C Newport News, VA 23606 Tel:(757)253-7621 Fax:(757) 873-0701 Email:kashtan**[ta]**omaker.com Website:http://www.widomaker.com聯系人:Hillel Kashtan國家:USA kashtan**[ta]**omaker.com

糧油食品 Non Woven carpet Dear Sir and Madam, Please send me a quote on your Non Woven carpet with anti slip film. 1m x 10m role, 280 gr/sqm (235 gr/sqm fleece + 45 gr/sqm anti slip film), 2mm thickness of the fleece Each role has to be PE shrinked. Quantity: 1 full loaded 40'container Thank you very much in advance. Best Regards Co:ZUSCH PACK Add:Am alten Gaswerk 8 D-88212 Pavensburg Tel:49 0751 76470482 Fax:49 0751 746470484 Email:info**[ta]**ch-pack.de Website:www:zusch-pack.de/聯系人:Guenter Zuber國家:Germany info**[ta]**ch-pack.de

糧油食品 Aluminum Heatsink We are a company in Saudi Arabia. We need about 100meters of the Aluminum Heatsink about 15cm width to use to cool down a cooper alloy (the temperature is reaching about 80 Degree C and we need to keep it at 40 degree C. Thanks Co:SureBeam Middle East Add:P.O. Box 50280, Riyadh, Postal Code: 11523, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Tel:(966) 50 419 7607 Fax:(966) 1 498 4289 Email:khaled**[ta]**beam.com Website:www.smebeam.com聯系人:Khaled Warshal國家:Saudi Arabia khaled**[ta]**beam.com

糧油食品 Hand Mixture Dear Sir, I am looking for a supplier for Hand Mixture. Before placing the order, I'd like to know more information about your product. Please send me the specifications and prices as soon as possible Thank you, Co:Tradesmann SL (Pvt) Ltd Add:# 40 Borupana Ferry Road,Ratmalana,Sri Lanka. Tel:(94) 11 5565657 Fax:(94) 11 5565605 Email:telemarketing**[ta]**desmann.com Website:http://www.tradesmann.com/聯系人:s.Tilini國家:Sri Lanka telemarketing**[ta]**desmann.com

糧油食品 4A Zeolite I'm a supplier of detergent products in the UK, I supply very large quantities of detergents and degresers to cash and carry's and commercial cleaners. With the current trends in the Market I was hoping to produce my own brand of detergent with the benefits of degreasing for commercial cleaning. I was wondering if you could give me a price on how much it would cost for zeolite per tonne and a price for sodium silicate per tonne if you have any. I would really appreciate if you could also give me a price for a full load on both products. Thank you. Co:Clean co Tel:44-07788-197003 Email:saydof**[ta]**mail.com聯系人:Mr.Afruj Miah國家:United Kingdom saydof**[ta]**mail.com

糧油食品 henna Powder Required 100 kg pure henna Powder for Hand henna design to Qatar on regular basis. Please quote your rate to us. Co:DOHA BEAUTY CENTRE Tel:974-974-55548200 Fax:974-974-44313773 Email:dohabeauty06**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:r.PHILIP國家:Qatar dohabeauty06**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 gas cylinder Dear sir hello I want to buy gas sylender for cars in iran. Please send to me your price of 65L 82L, 101L sylender. Thank you Co:andisheh sabz Tel:98-915-5032219 Fax:98-511-6663478 Email:saeid.morvari**[ta]**oo.com聯系人:Mr.saeid Morvari國家:Iran saeid.morvari**[ta]**oo.com

糧油食品 steel bathtubs Dear Sirs, We are interested in the buying of steel bathtubs. Please, provide your price list with FOB prices to 40\' container. Co:Antey Company Add:125009 Moscow B.Dmitrovka st., 5A Tel:7 495 / 956 1815 Fax:7 495 / 661 1321 Email:antey**[ta]**eyco.ru Website:http://www.anteyco.ru聯系人:s.Olga國家:Ukrain antey**[ta]**eyco.ru

糧油食品 caustic soda We are in the market to book 100mts caustic soda pearls on CFR Mombasa basis. Our target price is USD.300/mt CFR Mombasa. If you are in s postion to supply the above then please contact us urgently and forward the COA and advise trade terms. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks &amp; Regards Co:Savichem Africa Limited Tel:254-020-8001956 Email:savichem**[ta]**e.co.uk聯系人:Ms.Ritu Bhattessa國家:Kenya savichem**[ta]**e.co.uk

糧油食品 ethylene glycol Please quote FOB price for the following : 1) Mono-ethylene Glycol 99.8% min. packed in 230kg/plastic drum, 4 drums on a pallet; quantity : 18.4mt 1fcl; 2) Tri-ethylene Glycol 99.8% min. packed in 230kg/plastic drum, 4 drums on a pallet; quantity : 18.4mt 1fcl. Best regards Co:Belmont Industrial Limited Tel:852-24988890 Fax:852-24157122 Email:info**[ta]**montchem.com聯系人:Allan Tong國家:Hong Kong info**[ta]**montchem.com

糧油食品 onoisopropylamine We are interested in buy Monoisopropylamine 70% MIPA 70% for a FCL /12MT CIF Manzanillo, Mexico with payment L/C at sight , please send us your best price . Thanks &amp; Best Regards Co:Quimica Sagal, SA de CV Tel:+5281-83352802 Fax:+5281-83784014 Email:purchase**[ta]**micasagal.com 聯系人:laudia國家:Mexico purchase**[ta]**micasagal.com

糧油食品 eSi45% The spec of FeSi45% I'm looking for is as below. Fe-Si 45 component content(%) Min Max Typical Si 43 47 45 C - 0.12 0.1 P - 0.05 0.01 S - 0.05 0.01 Cl - 50ppm - Fe - Bal.   Al   1.0   moisture   0.05   (lump size sould be between 10~80mm) Looking forward to your reply soon. Co:GCchemical Add:465-4, Fasu-ri, Haman-myun, Haman-kun, Gyeongnam, Korea Tel:055-585-0770?? Fax:055-585-0505 Email:rula23**[ta]**mail.co.kr,wonil**[ta]**hem.co.kr Mobile:010-4589-3077聯系人:Wonil Joe國家:Korea rula23**[ta]**mail.co.kr

糧油食品 food pakging materials Dear Sir . Our company is pleased to use of your products of food pakging materials specialy all type polyesters (PET, PEN, PC) Chemicaly treated and ability to print (note: PET is referred to as PETE in some markets) prouductes using in food packging . So please request you to provide your product datasheet and price list of different types as soon as possible so that we can buy our needs of the polyester with thes dimention and quantity. Polyester thickness 12 micron 1- wide 65cm Quantity 2 ton 2- wide 75.5cm Quantity 2 ton 3- wide 78 cm Quantity 4 ton 4- wide 86 cm Quantity 2 ton 5- wide 92 cm Quantity 2 ton 6- wide 95 cm Quantity 4 ton 7- wide 98 cm Quantity 6 ton 8- wide 101 cm Quantity 2 ton. Thanks and regards Co:Om ELqora Group for investment &amp; Devolopment Tel:+(20)2-421-411-18 Email:alaaedries**[ta]**.com Skype:eng.alaa.edris Mobile:(20)11 11 767 99聯系人:Alaa Edries國家:Egypt alaaedries**[ta]**.com

糧油食品 door bell Hello Looking for door bells with two montors. Wireless or not. Prices and mo. Thank you Co:San Andres day spa Add:1506 South St., Phila, pa Tel:1-215-7324155 Fax:1-215-7324155 Email:boundless111**[ta]**e.com聯系人:Mr. D whyte國家:USA boundless111**[ta]**e.com

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